Frequently asked questions

How do I send in my device for repair?

First, fill out a quote request in the above tab--then just follow the mail-in instructions included in the email you receive.

Do I need to pay in advance?

No. All our services are no fix = no fee. We will send you an invoice with an option to pay by credit card via email once your repair is completed. If we can't solve your primary problem, then you only pay return shipping/reassembly if needed.

How does the "no fix - no charge" thing work?

If we quote you a solution for your primary problem, and we can't fix your device to solve that primary problem (i.e. like "it won't charge" or "it boot loops with blue screen") then we will not charge you for the labor on the device. For No Fix repairs, we will give you the option of paying an invoice for return shipping and handling ($30-$35 for domestic shipping), or just donating the device to the donor board pile.

What if the device ends up having something else wrong with it?

Our no fix = no fee policy is for the solution to the primary problem only. If you device turns out to have an underlying secondary defect, then we will give you some options to add on a secondary repair, or receive the device back with just the primary problem fixed. Secondary problems do not qualify for a no fix = no fee for the primary repair. For example, if your blue screen phone is solved, but then it turns out to not have a functional fingerprint sensor---this is a secondary problem and we would still bill for the blue screen solution.